HR of 380 bpm?? physiologically impossible?

Hey guys,
Sorry I haven't been around much - I've been focusing more on my neuro issues and have been focussing most on graduating on June 15 from high school (everyone said i wouldn't make it because of all the school i've missed and surgeries I've had) and then getting ready to move to Seattle to attend the UW. Anyways, I'm going on three years with my pacemaker as of two weeks from now (WOW) and it's pretty much completely helped my bradycardia. Now I'm dealing with tachy issues though. We tried all beta blockers possible to no avail, so my cardiologist sent me to a different EP at UW med center (who was really nice) but she was quite baffeled. We knew my resting rate is usually 110 - 120 bpm. My symptoms? Bad palpitatins, dizziness, hot, chest discomfort...I have many, many episodes a day. So, the new EP found tht my pacemaker has recorded many episodes where my heart rate was 380 bpm. The Guidant guys checked out my pacemaker and everything with it looked fine. The problem? Well, first off I'm 18 witth a pacemaker, brain & spine problems, and now a "physiologcally impossible" heart rate. The EP said that having a hr of up to about 200 was tachy and over 400 is fibrillation, but NEVER, has she seen or heard of 380 and that is physiologically doesn't make sense. She said I'm either extremely different with that part or its a technological problem with my pacemaker. My thoughts? Since my pacemaker checked out find and recorded everything else right...for the past four years I hve defied all odds and been the girl who is, medically, different than everyone else and goes against all medical diagnosis' and odds. So, I'm guessing that it's just the way I am.

Now, for my question. Has anyone else experienced an odd heartrate like this? Any thoughts as to the above? I'll be recording my episodes with a magnet over the next two weeks while my two cardios try to figure it out. What do you do for a heart rate like that? My biggest thing is find out if she's just never seen it, or if it really is unusual. Any thoughts would be awesome.



by Suze - 2007-05-25 01:05:29

I'm so sorry you are going through this. It must feel pretty awful having that high a HR.

Let's pray they figure it out soon. I know what A Fib feels like and that only lasts (in me) for a few seconds! Not fun.

Anyway, hang in there and keep us updated, please.

Take care,


by tcrabtree85 - 2007-05-25 02:05:00

I feel so much for you and wish right now that I could you give you a hug. Having tachycardia isn't fun at all. I am 21 so somewhat close to your age. I've had many ablations already and have another one scheduled. Along with Valerie hopefully they will figure out a medication that will work for you and if not they will get everything settle soon. If you need somebody to talk to just send me a private message anytime.
You are in my prayers!



by valerie - 2007-05-25 02:05:44

Hi there Laura,
Long time no chat :)
I'm assuming that your last surgery went well?

Anyway, my mom works at UCI Med. Center and is a nurse manager there. She said that a patient came in not too long ago (female age 30) and had a heart rate of about 360, and had these symptoms: dizzy, feeling like passing out, diaphoretic, and a strange sensation in chest.
All of this was recorded on her holter monitor (loop recording for long term). They terminated it with adenosine and it helped. They put her on different meds, and they sent her off to the EP who did an ablation.
So far she is doing pretty well.
So, perhaps if your meds aren't working, maybe your docs will think about this next step. Or, just take drugs: you know, contact those people who stand at a corner street (like in a movie) and say "what do you have?" lol! jk
Anyway, I hope you dont have to go through another procedure....maybe they can still try some more meds.
You will be in my prayers. Feel free to contact me anytime.
take care,

Guidant Pacemakers!

by auntiesamm - 2007-05-25 08:05:33

Hi Laura - There is really nothing to say about your situation except "OUCH". You are fortunate to be receiving care at one of the foremost Medical Centers in the country. Has anyone mentioned to you that some of the Guidant pacemakers are on a warning & recall list. Mine is for one model - it was implanted AFTER the warning letters reportedly were issued to physicians, hospitals and other healthcare professionals. This most likely has nothing to do with your condition but it is important information you should have. You are so young to be experiencing all these problems. I hope and pray they get you figured out soon and you can get on with your life. My prayers are with you. God bless.

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