ICD Repositioning

Hi There - I wrote in several weeks ago about a problem with my defibrillator. As it turns out, it is not infected, but has come out of the subpectoral pocket and is pushing through and a point of it is quite clearly just under my skin. It is causing me a lot of pain and numbness in my arm. I went to see my EP and since it is not infected, her response to me was to "deal with it" until it is ready to be replaced in approx. a year or so. I was quite upset with this response and don't know what to do at this point. I would like to have it removed sooner than the year time limit at this point. I would very much welcome any suggestions you may have for me. Thank you as always for your input and support.


darn devices :-)

by joy1 - 2008-05-23 02:05:21

hi sll,
Personally, I would get a second opinion. The doctors don't have to live with the darn things, we do. If it has to be replaced soon anyway, I'm sure the doctors can come up with a billing code which will allow it to be replaced a bit early and if nothing else atleast get it repositioned to where it should be.


nice answer

by jessie - 2008-05-23 02:05:23

you need to scream bloody muder this is unaccepatable.i don' t believe it is not infected. why the pain? pain is always and i repeat always a sign of something wrong. go see another dr. jessie

no way

by CathrynB - 2008-05-23 03:05:32

No way you should have to put up with chronic pain for a year after your ICD slipped out of it's pocket. My PM (not ICD) did not slip out of it's pocket, however my skin beneath my collarbone is extremely thin and it was painful all the time for 6 months after implant. I had to push my doctor a bit, but he agreed that it should be moved and referred my to a General Surgeon to move it, as the electrical leads did not need to be moved, nor the PM replaced -- just moved the PM and sutured it into a new, completely comfortable spot behind my breast and on top of the muscle. As Joy and Jessie say, you should definitely get a second opinion. What country/city do you live in? It seems to me people have more trouble getting these kinds of issues resolved in the UK than the US, but us folks in the US have to push medical folks hard to get problems resolved too. Please be persistent and do not live with chronic pain.
Best wishes, Cathryn

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