so i finally got the lowdown on smoking

marijuana, that is. 20 days post-surgery i ran the query past my nurse, and she said she'd never say it's okay to toke up, but in terms of my pacemaker recovery & everything, it was pretty much a non-issue. she said it'd have no effect on the pacemaker or the incision sight at all! so i thought i'd just share....


thanks Susan!

by RalphMalph - 2007-03-21 05:03:16

i share the same sentiments & i'm glad it's worked so well for you!

stating the obvious -

by M_Fox - 2007-03-21 07:03:31

I think that if mj had been created in a lab, then it would be one of the most prescribed meds. I have a friend with HIV/AIDS and he has been able to tolerate his many, many meds and keep his appetite up with mj. I think the main thing to be careful about is that you don't want to have a coughing fit too soon after surgery! :) Guess I'll go take a Xanax and a Vicodin.....

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