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Just had a phone conversation with a friend who works in the computer technology field, and he mentioned an article he read in Business 2.0 magazine about the future of "broadcast power" which would allow various devices to be re-charged without plugging into a cord (or under-going surgery) -- including pacemakers! This is all future stuff of course. Thought it was interesting. I’m not sure whether links work in postings here, but if so, here’s the story. Take care, Cathryn


battert recharging

by complex - 2007-06-30 06:06:03

I kind of think it is better to get a new device. Pacemakers are getting more advanced with each generation. Recharging would cause the patient to lose the advantages these changes bring.


by Pacemaker_pal - 2007-07-30 05:07:28

They looked into it in the 1970's but it never took off. Also there was nuclear battery's that lasted 50 years +. But like the last person said...you'd be stuck with old technology at least at battery change you get an upgrade

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