Blood Pressure

I've been hold a BP at 150/115 and I've been feeling very bad or the weekend. I finally got so mad and called the doctors office and told them to have him call me. I requested that he put me on something else for my high blood pressure. He called in a some Norvasc 5 mg. It's the safest blood pressure med you can take, He said. Is there anyone else taking this med and are you feeling better? I hope everyone is doing great and keep up the faith. I have to get better by June to take my classes.

The kids came over this weekend and we had a blast. We made bows and arrows and we eat lunch outside because the wealther was great. I'll talk to you all soon and I'm sorry I haven't been responding much my computer when it heats up cuts off. God bless you all and happy days are here. Love you all in Jesus name. Christmmpace.....James



by auntiesamm - 2007-03-26 07:03:55

Hi James, I have taken Norvasc 5 mg for about 3 years. It was added to atenolol when my BP was not well controlled. My PCP is attempting to get me off atenolol completely because I do not like the way it makes me feel, so she just increased me to 10 mg Norvasc daily. If my BP drops significantly - which it has - she will begin to titrate the atenolol and eventually get me off of it. I take the 10 mg. Norvasc once a day in the morning. Hope this helps you, my friend. Good thoughts and more prayers for you.


by jessie - 2007-03-26 11:03:21

i take this drug james. it is combined with lipitor and it is called caduet. the two in one. i also take hydrodiuril a really old diuretic and altace as well. i also take an asa 81 mg. my b.p. is good since and i had chf as well. before i took adalat xl hope this helps. i will pray it does help jessie

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