Remember John Hopps?

John Hopps, a Canadian, invented the first heart pacemaker. At the age of 21, he joined the National Research Council in 1941 after training at the University of Manitoba as an electrical engineer. He found that by using mechanical means the heart could be artificially started again after it was exposed to a cooling process. With this discovery, Hopps was able to build the first pacemaker in 1950.

In 1958, the first pacemaker was implanted in a human body. Unfortunately in 1984, Dr. Hopps had to have a pacemaker in order to regulate his heart. At this point in time, this invention was considered to be routine surgery. Thirteen years later, Hopps received his second pacemaker. The first pacemaker had lost its charge and was showing signs of weakness. Hopps insisted to the doctors that the pacemaker was reaching the end of its life and random impulses were being detected.Hopps died on November 24th, 1998. The Canadian company Mitel is the world’s largest manufacturer for the inside parts of the pacemaker. Dr. Hopps was known to most people as ‘Jack’. He became known as the Father of Biomedical Engineering. His wife, Eleanor, predeceased Jack. He also left behind a daughter and two sons. Not only is he missed by his family, but also by his colleagues. Let us give thanks to Dr. John Hopps for his awesome discovery. May God continue to bring people like this man on the earth. We really need to be more thankful for what this man has done for us all. God bless you all, may the Lord send each and everyone of you some flowers of peace this up coming summer. @~~~~~}~~~~



nice article

by ramquadblue55 - 2007-06-16 02:06:13

I had no idea who invented the pace maker before I read this article. I have had mine for about a year and a half now and finally know who to thank for this tremendous invention. Thanks for the interesting information. I will surely have to remember Dr. Hopps whenever I feel my pacemaker and in my prayers.

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