Treasure hunting with Metal Detector...

I wanted to know if anyone has a metal detector for treasure hunting. I'm getting a metal detector tomorrow for Father's Day. I'm so excited, but, I just wanted to know if it's okay to use with a pacemaker. If you have any information to share with me, I would be happy to hear it. May you all your blessings come to pass.
What a treasure it was to find this web site. I'm happy to report that I'm hanging in there and things are looking up. I hope everyone finds a peace of treasure in their heart and share it with the world. I miss you all and may you have a great summer.

Your buddy,


Got More Than I Expected

by TwoCents - 2008-06-11 04:06:43

Yep, I've used a metal dectector to look for "treasure". I'm pacemaker dependent, by the way. Instead of treasure I ended up unconscious on the ground, all banged up and very embarassed. It wasn't the dectector that got me in trouble though. It was the electric fence I hit with my forehead while concentrating on all the goodies I thought I'd dig up that put me down. I did have to get the pacer checked for damages, but the current evidently bypassed my little buddy as it showed absolutely nothing on interrogation. Moral of the story...have fun with the treasure hunt, just stay away from the hot fence. Two Cents

Sounds like fun

by Suze - 2008-06-12 10:06:42

Hi James, it's nice to here from you. You sound very positive. Glad you are doing well.

I think you will really enjoy metal detecting. I used a friends detector years ago and it was almost addicting! I didn't want to give it back.

Anyway, ENJOY !

Keep in touch,

rings back memories

by ElectricFrank - 2008-06-12 12:06:47

Years ago while visiting on a relatives farm I jumped across a creek and hit an electric fence with my forehead. I cut my head on the wire and to add insult to injury got a good shock and landed on my back on the ground. I didn't have a pacemaker, but it was quite an experience.
As for the metal detector, the sensing antenna is near the ground and a good distance from your pacer so it shouldn't be a problem. My approach to something like this though would be to test it in a safe environment like the back yard. The worse (and extremely unlikely) thing that could happen it that it would interfere with pacing and return to normal as soon as the interfering source is removed. Much better to have it happen this way than on a mountain side.


Hello to all

by Christmmpace - 2008-06-15 11:06:54

I thank you all for your response on my metal detecting adventures. I'm happy to say that I'm been very happy with my metal detector. I got a White's Prism V metal detector and it's great. It tell me what I'm digging up ahead of time. I'm looking forward to going to the beach and having a blast. Thank you for responding to my posting. I'll keep each of you in my prayers for great fortune in your hearts and in your lives. Take care and be happy always.

Your buddy,

Metal Detecting

by Ken(Toronto) - 2008-08-01 04:08:31

I am an avid metal detecting guy. I got my first metal detector in 1997, and have been enjoying the hobby until I had heart trouble early this year, and haven't been out looking for treasure since then.
I'm recovering from my PM implant from July 17; the incision still hurts a lot, lots of bruising because of the Coumadin. Hopefully it'll stop soon so that I can go out and search again.
From what I read, using a metal detector is OK as long as coil is 2 ft or more from the PM.


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