I have had my pacemaker now for six months and have had a hard time with sleeping. My cardiologist said she has never heard of this problem with anyone else. Now I have just read on here about people who's pacemaker can be set to a sleep mode where your BPM 's are lowered during sleeping hours.Could this be my problem?



by bowsue - 2007-08-20 06:08:41


I had my PM in June 12. Prior to that I slept a lot and then after June 12 no sleep. Since I did not want to go to the Doctor (he had not shown any compassion when the surgeon plonked a big amount of glue over my incision preventing me from moving my upper body). I had been presribed Digoxen to keep the beats from going to high, the PM is set at 60 which prevents it going lower. I started to take the Digoxen at night before bedtime and I seem to be getting back into my old pattern of sleeping. I felt quite highly strung when I could not sleep. I hope this helps. If you are not taking any medication to go with the pacer maybe that is what you need. Best of luck Marie


by Rewiredaussiegirl - 2007-08-20 10:08:59

I and many others in the pacemaker club have had trouble with sleeping since getting their pacemaker.
I dont think the cardiologist can explain why- so they just brush us off with a few tablets
.I got my pm April 04 and have had trouble sleeping through the night ever since! I have had the settings changed but it has still not made any difference.
I think I have got used to not sleeping much now and feel OK so have just have to catch a nap when I can.
I seem to have a lot of energy through the day so that is all that matters.
I hope you can get some help.Let us know how you get on.If we all lived in the same part of the world we could start a pacemakers nightclub !!!

Insomnia with Pacemaker

by hooimom - 2007-08-21 12:08:19

The last time I was in to see my EP she said a doctor in her group was doing a study on insomnia in PM recipients so they must see if fairly often. I finally started taking a prescription so that I could sleep at night. My insomnia was making me feel rather ill and grumpy too! I am much better now and only take the pills as needed.


Yep, insomnia

by jmpetra - 2014-08-16 10:08:46

I've only has mine about a week. Feels fine when I'm moving around and doing things. Feels a bit too fast when I'm sitting down, trying to relax or "read the paper" type activities. It definitely feels too active when I'm trying to sleep, so I don't go to sleep easily anymore nor do I stay asleep. Has anyone had any luck with the Sleep Mode? I'd like to try it. I saw only one note where so,some said it didn't help them any.

sleep mode

by jmpetra - 2014-11-08 04:11:02

I just posted this under someone else's comment - I Say try the Sleep Mode:
I got may PM in early August this year. It was set at 60bpm, my regular rate was below that - oh I'm 64 y/o, I know that my regular rate was slower than "normal". The 60bpm setting often feels like it's pushing me, which was fine when walking around, but not too comfy when just sitting. It made a hard to go to sleep and stay asleep. I read about the sleep mode here then researched it on my device. I knew they could turn it to 50bpm in sleep mode. It slows the beat over a 1/2 hour and at the end of the time it raises the rate back to the 60bpm over a 1/2 hour. My Dr had never heard of it. I pushed it and we had an appointment with a tech. The tech who had "been doing this for years" said I was the 5th person to request it. I've read some reviews and some people can't tell the difference, others said they like it. So it must not be for everyone. I was pacing at 87% of the time at 60bpm. They put sleep mode at 50bpm from 10 to 8. I Like it! I go to sleep easy, stay asleep - mostly - no more weird dreams. It has removed the Push feeling I had. I took my pulse a few times at night, often it's just at 58, once at 55 - so no pacing. Feels darn good to me.

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