this may seem really stupid but I was wondering if anyone in Admni could tell me one of two things. One I have noticed that the person known as denise.theobald is always logged on .I was wondering if you can find out if this is a mistake, in which it is not my concern, or two could you check into who this is in case something has happened to them and no one knows it. I am sure this person has not logged off of the site in aat least a week maybe two. It concerns me. If this person is on to collect data that concerns me too. It may be a computer program that is getting around the spam "catcher", and may be collecting data for advertising purposes or anything for that matter. Please I am not trying to be sillly or get in anyones business, I inquire only for concern of this person or for all of our data.
thank you in advance for taking me seriously,


the unkown pacer

by valerie - 2007-05-09 04:05:26

Stop trying to be silly and stop trying to get in anyone's business.

lol! sorry, couldn't resist :)
Anyway, i've noticed that as well. A mystery indeed...

take care,

silly question indeed

by RONNYNOB - 2007-05-09 07:05:36

Thanks for asking the silly question because now I dont have to ask the same silly question..

Regards ronnynob

Your data is safe!

by admin - 2007-05-09 08:05:01

As I write this, the user you mentioned is not logged in. I checked her account profile and can tell you she is a legitimate user. I have even communicated with her in the past. I assume she is researhing a topic and has been spending lots of time on the site.

Personal information that users provide (and is not listed in our member list or included in a posting) is security protected to protect your privacy.



by jessie - 2007-05-09 08:05:08

hi i too have noticed this person to be online now for weeks and weeks and wondered why myself. not a silly question. also where is lenora? i have e-mailed auntisamm to see if she she knows. no answer yet. does anyone know? maureen


by Ripple - 2007-05-09 08:05:38

Of course, we could always keep things nice and tidy and reach over and click logout when we leave. Then our friends will not be mislead by thinking "oh goody so and so is logged on." I log out when I leave, not really becasue I'm so tidy with everything, but because when I come back to the site later I don't have to wonder if that last "login" is still good.


i didnt realise

by queen_beez - 2007-05-11 02:05:30

that one could stay logged in even whenn they leave the sit. I never log out but i always have to log back in when I come back. Maybe I am logged off automatically after a certain period of time. I was concerned something may have happened to this person and happy to here there is no cause for concern.

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