Special Thanks to all !!

Well I just spent 20 min .writing a great letter to all that have reached out to me but as iI went to spam filter it it was lost so . Those thought will now be the readers digest condensed version. I have gone through so much since 2001 when we wentfrom a doc to help us have another baby to them finding a brain tumor. Maybe we are coming full circle as I went to the ER for my sever headaches and palpatations due to the pharmacy giving me the wrong meds. But then I was told I was pregnant. I posted while I was in a fog and I apoligise to any of you who I may be bothering as my posting was not heart related. Unless you include what this has done to my heart. LOL . If I have upset or bothered anyone as I know you are posting for a PM or heart problem and the last thing you want to deal with is a hormonal woman spilling out all to ,, well I can't say strangers anymore, because you are not. You are my friends. I do have a PM and my past health problems made the words the doc at the ER said "Well,.... your pregnant" unbelievable. I just want to sat thank you again because all of you have got me through this week. I now realise that a friend has nothing to do with how many lunch dates or shopping trips one may take together. You have all been so kind. I have a referral for a specialist with high risk pregnancies as my docs do not agree with how I should handle this. I find it may have come full circle though as when we went in the first time I was leaving there with little hope for a future and no hope for a bay. Now as I left the ER I was shocked as to my "illness" but am going to try hard to look at the big picture.I also wanted to add a little note to the crazy soap opera story. I was getting the pelvic sonogram done. The doc asked me to go to the restroom. I was crying in there very scared that I may not be ok and I was asking GOd please don't give me such a gift and take it away. I reached over for tissue to wiope my tears and I noticed the words all over my hospital gown. Apparntly the maker of the gown but I no less felt it was some kind of sign and I am trying very hard not to stress. The words everywhere on my gown were "Angelica" SO I just wanted to share that. I was calmed instantly but as a human I have my moments. Well if I have this child ,Gods will or mine, lol, I believe boy or girl its name shall be Angel.I have never thought of that name as one we would pick but I beleive it was given to us. Some story huh. In my fog I forgot to share it before.
So again a thank feels so little to so much that has` been given to me from all but it is all I have right now. My words are filled with love as yours have been to me.
Very ,deeply, and truly,


No Worries!

by tcrabtree85 - 2007-05-18 03:05:21

You know I was thinking today earlier about you and that song from Lion King came to my mind the one with No Worries. Then I was thinking a little more I know a scary thought... me thinking. lol. but Matthew 6:25-34 I think you should read it.
I know God has you in his hands and things will work out. I would also stop saying sorry because this site is to help people face all the difficult problems that they face. Or atleast that is what I believe. We all have a heart condition and all know that anything else that comes about can hurt are heart also not just our physical but are emotional heart.
Stay strong and know that we are here to help you and to be a friend.

Many thoughts and Prayers,


by valerie - 2007-05-18 04:05:30

Good thing you didn't have your ultrasound done over here.... otherwise you would name your boy (or girl) Norco.

Anyway, whatever happens, we are all here for you to help you in any way we can :)
And your post isn't off topic. Your pacer is also part of the equation, so post away :)
take care and you are in my prayers.


by Suze - 2007-05-18 05:05:23

My comment above should be titled "Not OFF Topic". .. I should proof read!



Not of topic

by Suze - 2007-05-18 05:05:29

Valerie said it very well (she always does, doesn't she??). ...You can never be off topic. If someone doesn't wish to know your hormone or pregnacy concerns, then they can scroll down to another topic, right? Please don't even worry about it.

You will be in my prayers and the prayers of many others on this forum. You sound like you now have the strength and peace of mind that comes from your faith. I agree that the angels are watching over you and your baby.

Please keep us updated...

God Bless,

You sound much better!

by hooimom - 2007-05-18 06:05:59

Glad to hear that you are feeling more hopeful! God will truly use the most amazing things to reach us!


Good News!

by auntiesamm - 2007-05-18 08:05:24

Susan, You have absolutely no reason to apologize for your postings of this week! I believe everyone of us understands what you are going through even though we have not experienced it. This Pacemaker Club is not just about the devices: it is about the whole person and all the problems one encounters along this journey called life. I for one would be hurt if you felt you could not include me in this very special time in your life. I look forward to sharing your entire pregnancy as I expect most of the others are. I love the story of the words Angelica on your gown. God answers prayers in many ways and it isn't always something we hear, but in your case a simple word repeated over and over. We often miss the answers because we look for something very dramatic. Angel is a lovely name for a boy or girl. Now, if you have twins we have a problem. Just kidding!
I anxiously await your next posting to let us know how things are going. What do your 2 older children think about all this? No doubt your entire family is in a real whirlwind of emotions. You all will continue to be lifted up in prayer.

twins ok

by craftygirl - 2007-05-28 02:05:09

Susan, twins would be o.k because boy... Angel, Girl...Angela . You'll be my prayers also, this is my first time doing anything like this( not praying of course) I take care of my Mum who is totally depended on me for every thing so I don't get out much,she has a PM. and so do I,funny story behind that i will tell another time as I must go to see to my Mum. marie

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