Just asking for an update...

from far4u. You just got the PM yesterday I believe. How are you feeling? Did al go as you thought it would? And did you stay awake or get knocked out? LOL . I hope you are feeling better. You will notice witheach day it will get better and better. I remember that as time went by i kept thikning when will all this pain go away. One day I made it through quite a bit of time without even thinking about my PM. I still have pain at the site but I'm working with the docs to try to figure out why but I can truly say that I am so happy I got my PM. The dizziness and fatigue were gone almost immediately, I hope that is the case for you. If you need anything just let us know. That's what great about this site , there is always someone here that can answer your questions.
Take care and hoping you a quick recovery.
Truly, your "strange" friend,



by Stepford_Wife - 2007-06-02 11:06:57

Hi Susan.

He has posted a comment regarding his procedure, under his original PM replacement post.
~ Dominique ~

so glad 2 hear

by queen_beez - 2007-06-04 01:06:55

from you. I always worry about one of us tat is going through a procedure and don't stop until I hear from them . I always sign off your "strange" friend because it is amazing to me that we are strangers but become firneds through this site. It really is a great place for answers and support. Blake is truly got a place in heaven waiting ( in 50 plus years) for him. I hope you get better with each day. My surgery to only took a short time. It felt longer, being that I was awake, but it was quick. It made difference for me right away too. If you need a friendly place come back again and ask away or as i have found just simply post a note of kind words.
take care,
Truly,your "strange" friend,


by far4u16 - 2007-06-04 09:06:08

well i got my replacement... i'm feelin GoOOOoOODD. I'll tell ya i don't remember much from the procedure... actually the only thing i remember were the nurses.... it happens when ur a guy. but i'm doing good thanks 4 askin Susan. and seriously I found this site just a couple days after my old device went into safe mode... its been helpful since! the whole procedure took only 22 minutes...pretty short huh? lol anyways all iz good... just the pain is bothering a little, but like the saying goes no pain no gain.

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