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I now have hearing aids and the paperwork says  go carefull with using bluetooth hearing aids and a pacemaker. What that means to me is I may not be able to use iphone ear pieces to have a private conversation. Any one of the group experienced using bluetooth hearing aids with a pacemaker? 



Hearing aids and PM

by Selwyn - 2017-10-20 09:19:34

You will find more on the Search facility in the top right corner. For your convenience I enclose a copy of what seems sensible advice ( and see further below):

by SMITTY - 2008-01-25 09:01:19

 I had a conversation on this subject with an audiologist a few years ago when I was getting my first set of hearing aids. Based on the information I got you can get any hearing aid you want. A hearing aid is nothing but a miniature sound amplifier and the power out put from one is so low, it would take extremely sensitive instruments to even measure it and it should never be enough to interfere with the operation of a pacemaker. I've been wearing hearing aids for about 4 years and never a problem. The first set was analog, which I wore for about two years and the set I have now are digital and neither have been a problem.

So I would say get whatever kind you want, or if you are like me, get whatever you can afford because I found out some of those little suckers are expensive. Why after I got through buying those things I had to put off buying that Mercedes SL 450 convertible for my wife. Of course, I'm lying there, but I was shocked at the price for something so small. And no we do not have a Mercedes. 


Personally, I can't think that something a good 12 inches from the PM, and so small, would make a difference.Donr, agrees with this, and  gives sensible advice about testing and chances of a problem in his: 

Hearing aids  by donr - 2013-02-03 02:02:43, on this site, with TracyE in support. 

 Same as mobile telephone ear piece. Your pacemaker company is always willing to respond to questions. You will see once you have used the club site to search, others have had some experiences.



Hearing aids

by donr - 2017-10-20 10:14:59

Selwyn:  Thanks for doing the research for me.  I was wonderinmg if I had written on the subject. I've been wearing them since 1987.  I have Bluetooth capability in mine but do NOT use it for other reasons - like it does not work well in the circumstances where I need it.  I am about to get it back for use w/ telephones.  The signal is so patheticallly weak that there is no PRACTICAL way that it coiuld ever interfere w/ a PM/ICD & its shielding.


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