I am wondering why is there not a time that we can all understand,(because we are all from around the world and in different time zones) that can be set up so we can chat and we all know what time the chat will be.Am I missing something? I always seem to see the posts after someone wants to chat or I enter the room and it shows evryone who went to the chat room looking to chat then leaving the room because no one was there. How can we set up a time maybe even a couple of times a day (for peopel on different times frames) to chat at that specific time?
Anyone have an answer for me?




by jessie - 2007-07-07 09:07:39

it is strange for sure but even when people seem to be in the chatroom i noticed no one responds. this is what i have noticed. the other one seemed easier . jessie

a suggestion

by Surferman - 2007-07-08 11:07:40

Susan, why don't those of us who want to chat made an effort to do so at the top of each hour. Here in Southern Califoria right now, it's 7:46 pm. If we use the top of the hour as a rendez-vous time, I would check in the chat room at 8:00 PM and wait there for a minute or
two to see if someone else enters the CR. What do you
thing, pacers??? Surferman

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