Safety Precautions

Is there a list of devices to avoid when you have a pacemaker implanted.

I got mine last week and when I decided to shave the thought occurred to me

that no one mentioned avoiding battery powered shavers.



not much

by Tracey_E - 2017-11-05 09:32:48

If you check your manufacturer's website, there is probably a list. I know SJM has one. Most warnings are clinical or industrial settings, not the home. The only household device you're likely to encounter that we shouldn't use is electronic scales that calculate BMI. Anything else is ok. Some will say to keep cell phone 6" from the device, but newer devices are well shielded and it shouldn't be an issue. 

Magnets are the issue. That white puck they put over the device to interrogate has a magnet in it that pulls a switch closed and puts it in test mode. It's still pacing, but it's at a steady rate. If we happen to get too close (less than 6") from a magnet strong enough to close the switch, that's all that will happen. As soon as we get away from it it goes back to full function with no harm done. A magnet has to be very strong and very close to be an issue. I took my ipad with its magnetic cover to a pacer check once and we could not get it to cause a switch. 

My experience

by bionicgirl - 2017-11-08 06:02:46

hi, I'm Yaya. Got my pacemaker implanted 4 months ago.

Sadly to say, I can no longer use hand blender because I always got a headache after  every time I use the hand blender :)

Safety Precautions

by Koalabare - 2017-11-09 12:12:06

Thanks to TraceyE for the suggestion of contacting the manufacturer's web site.

I did so and not a half hour later had a .pdf file of all the devices we need to be wary of

and the distance that has to be maintained to prevent any changed settings on our device.

While I have a Biotronix PM I am sure this document can be used with other units as a guide.

This is a great forum to get any information needed and a lot of reassurance!


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