Metal detector scanners

Hi the place where I work uses metal detectors for workers entering and leaving. I have passed through once or twice but feel dizzy afterwards. Is this normal


Metal Detectors

by Grateful Heart - 2017-11-07 23:14:10

If you walk through at a brisk pace you should be ok.  If the line backs up and you are near the magnatometer at a standstill...that could be an issue.   

I was waiting in a long line to pass through security in a high profile government building with the intention of asking to be patted down instead of being wanded.  Suddenly, I felt my CRT-D vibrating in my chest with a buzzing sound.  I looked around and realized I was standing in a doorway with a large metal frame.  The door frame unbeknownst to me, was a magnatometer.  When I realized it, I moved forward into the room to stop the vibrating.  

I have also set off some store alarms on the way IN to the store.  I now know to walk briskly pass the store security detectors.  One of my leads is set unipolar and for me that seems to be the cause as unipolar leads are much more sensitive to interference/ EMFs. 

Some people are affected and it appears most are not.  You know your body and how you feel.

I always ask for a pat down and show my device card whenever I am in that situation.  If your employer is aware of your pacemaker, that may be the way to go.

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