Isn't there a way to keep looking through the posts as one is still in the chat room. One could kind of wait in chat ,while they are posting or answering posts. Then if another enters chat the icon could flash up that lets the person know someone else has entered chat. I mean the chat is great but if you go back I think you will see more of SO and So entered chat "Hello" sos and so left chat, etc...The only way i know to go around this is to open up 2 tabs and log in twice. One goes to chat ,one goes to posts and answers. I would think there could be an easier way.Thanks for listening.


If you're still on

by stillshocked - 2007-08-11 05:08:02

I'm entering chat if your still on.

And Another Thing ADMIN...

by ela-girl - 2007-08-11 09:08:59

I know the site is trying to raise money for the professional photo it possible to have some kind of visual off to the right or left side in the gray area that shows us how far we are in reaching our $500 goal??? Like some kind of chart or 'thermometer-like' goal reaching thing? I hope you know what I'm trying to describe here!

Thanks for listening and responding!

$178 Donated

by admin - 2007-08-12 09:08:38

For updates on the Photo Album Fundraiser, please watch for updates in the Latest News section of the site.

The chatroom requires alot of processing power. It was designed to minimize the resources required so the site would remiand relatively fast for all users.

We will revist the chatroom to see if your idea is feasible and will not slow the sytem down too much.



Great idea!

by auntiesamm - 2007-08-12 12:08:34

Hi ela-Girl,

What a great idea to actually have a graphic on the main page! I did ask Blake if we could get a periodic update but your idea far surpasses anything I had in mind. Love it!

What does ela in your name stand for? I am going through possibilities, like East Louisiana or East Los Angeles. Thanks.


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