Magnetic pocket closures!

I'm now 3 weeks post implant.  I decided to get out my hunting clothes since the season is fast approaching, the majority of my warm clothes are made by Drake, and they have a magnetic closing pocket over where my device is.  I put one on this a.m. for my morning walk.  I was surprised that suddenly my chest started to make a audible tone!  Went to call Dr. Office, took off jacket and the noise stopped, Dr. Office explained that it was normal and my device was just warning me that I was too close to a magnet.  No one told this thing made any noises!  And I never would of guessed a 1 inch magnet would set it off.


It's not the size of the magnet

by Grateful Heart - 2017-11-11 21:48:01

but the strength of the magnet plus the fact that it is directly over your device.  It appears Drake makes very strong magnets for their clothing.

My device has vibrated as a warning sign twice that I can recall.  It's amazing what these devices are programmed to do.

Grateful Heart   


by Bionic Beat - 2017-11-12 18:40:05

Yep, they are programmed for all sort of situations.  lol   My new one, placed last December, will beep like my microwave if theres a defect of some sort.  I asked, well what if Im asleep?

Its actually programmed to re beep, 12 hours later in case you slept through it the first time.

I was told that if/when it beeped, Im to call immediatley or go to the ER if the clinic is shut.

When they made it beep to show me, I laughed and told the tech Id be checking to see what was in the microwave.   

If I were you, Id just ask about the safety of having a magnet right over the pacemaker.  but enjoy your new novelty party game.


Best Wishes,

Bionic Beat

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