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I put my ipod on my chest when laying down and listening. Sometimes my radio transmission breaks up. I listen to tuneit radio. Can the ipod or portable radio  on my chest be affecting my pacemaker or vice versa?



by Tracey_E - 2017-11-15 21:43:59

The pacer can't affect the radio or ipod, a radio or ipod can't affect the pacer.

Not the iPod but possibly the leads

by Mapleshaz - 2017-11-16 02:27:43

I am 16 days post op following a CRT-D implant. I was invited to bring my own music into the operating theatre so I researched about iPods. I read that there is no danger either way with the iPod itself but that the leads should never lie across your chest or rest over your device as they have minimal insulation. Here is something I have just found on the Boston Scientific page

Safe to Use with Extra Precautions:

If you use any of the following items, it’s important to keep them the recommended distance away from your implanted device to avoid interaction.

Items that should not be placed directly over your CRT-P or CRT-D, but are otherwise safe to use:

Portable MP3 and multimedia players (such as iPods®) that do not also function as a cellular phone
NOTE: While portable MP3 players themselves should not interfere with your CRT-P or CRT-D, the headphones or earbuds should be stored at least 6 inches (15 cm) away from your device and you should avoid draping the headphones around your neck.

Headphones and earbuds
NOTE: It is safe to use headphones and earbuds, but you should refrain from draping them around your neck and from storing them in a breast or other shirt pocket.



by Tracey_E - 2017-11-16 18:47:34

I know the official advice is still keep them 6" away but newer devices are very well shielded, and earbuds have very very small magnets. I took my magnetic ipad cover with me to a check once and we could not get it to affect the pacer. That magnet is a lot larger than an earbud. I often read with it propped on my chest, which is why I took it to the appointment in the first place. I run with my ipod clipped right over my pacer, or sometimes I use my phone for music and tuck it in my sports bra, again, right over the pacer. I drape the earbuds around my neck because it drives me nuts when they flop in front. I've also run a generator, jumped started a car and pretty much anything else you can name that's questionable but not stricly forbidden. Edited to add, I pace every beat so if something interfered I'd feel it right away. 

None of these things will do any damage. Worst case, they put it in test mode until the source of the magnet gets farther away from the pacer.If it affected the pacer, it would show up in the interrogation report. Has never happened to me in 20+ years. 

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