something pushing on my lungs

Hi All,

Just had my first device fitted (a dual chamber pacer and defib unit).  The unit went in on Monday Nov 20th and so far everything seems OK with just one concern.  When I try to breath deeply (and on some other occassions) I get an uncomfortable feeling inside the centre of my chest towards the top almost like it's in my throat.  Its not exactly pain but is uncomfortable like a pressure on my lungs but I have no other symptoms.  No temp, wound healing great, off pain meds, heart feels OK, no breathlessness.  Just wondered if anyone else had experienced it or anything like it?




My sternum hurts

by Mapleshaz - 2017-11-23 13:03:55

Hello and great to hear you are feeling so well. I am 23 days post op for a CRT-D and have almost constant mild pain in my sternum (breast bone). A nurse friend tells me that she has assisted many times at these types of ops and she would guess it might be pain from the retractors. I am having my first post op check on Dec 5th so will ask about it. This site has a plethora of knowledgeable kind souls. I’m sure you will be receiving a much better answer than mine 😂

Thank you

by Colin UK - 2017-11-27 16:47:46

Thanks Mapleshaz.. much appreciated.  The uncomfortable feeling was so bad if it had been there next morning I was going to phone into the hospital but it had reduced significntly and the day after was completely gone.  I guess, therefore, as expected it was just some internal swelling and bruising from the procedure.  Thanks for your reply it's great to just know others are out there to help and support.

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