Muscle spasms?

I was wondering about pacemakers and muscle spasms and if they have any relation? I started to get some very painful muscle spasms this year, i was given muscle relaxers and pain medications but now, about 3 months later, I am gettimg another muscle spasm. Can pacemakers cause this? Or possibly Neurocardiogenic syncope? I have no clue why I am getting them. Maybe i damaged something with my many falls throughout the years from fainting. Any one have these issues? Thank you 



by ShannonMarie33 - 2017-12-04 18:31:10

I stay hydrated, I actually get made fun of because of how much water I drink. Also my diet is pretty good. That's why i asked on here because I have already saw a doctor who also knew it wasnt dehydration or diet, but they couldnt really pin point it.

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