Feeling weak

Good evening pacers! ! today has been a rough day, I am 36 days post opt, I am really weak, shaking inside like a sugar drop but I checked my sugar it was perfect, checked my blood pressure it was perfect. I am having irregular heart beats. just don't know what's going on. Has anyone else experience this. 


Feeling weak

by Lilly - 2017-12-06 21:44:31

Thanks Robin, I do have a cup of coffee for breakfast. I don't drink alcohol or do drugs. I try to eat healthy. but I haven't been getting enough exercise, I've been going for short walks.my cardiologist hasn't release me to exercise yet. thank you for reminding me to reavaleuate myself. I've got a lot of health problems. I have 9 cardiac stents, copd and asthma that's just to name a few. Thank you again! 





Feeling weak

by Lilly - 2017-12-06 22:40:19

Thanks Robin! 

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