Drone operation

First post, 24 hours out of pacemaker installation!  Had less time to wrap my brain around having it done, this was a complete shock to me.  Anyone have any information about Drone use?  Since my phone hooks up to my remote control and they both interact wirelessly with each other along with multiple satellite use....anyone have any negative physical experiences?  (Mavic Pro).  Suggestions?


Two things and some other comments

by Theknotguy - 2017-12-09 19:51:36

One: The radio frequency the drones use isn't anywhere near the frequency that might be used by your pacemaker.  So no chance of interference.

Two: Tests by University of Michigan showed you would have to have a radio transmitter broadcasting within an inch and a half of the pacemaker before it might cause a problem.  

Even though Medtronics, my pacemaker manufacturer, says that you shouldn't expose the pacemaker to electrical current, I haven't found it to be a problem.  I do volunteer work in a 
charity woodshop.  I run all equipment in the woodshop without any problems.  About a year ago I was running a large DeWalt drill drilling Kreg Jig pocket screw holes.  After about an hour of drilling holes I got tired and started leaning on the drill as it was drilling the holes.  After drilling about 100 more holes I finally figured out I was leaning on the drill with my pacemaker directly on the drill as it was running.  No problems.  "Shouldn't have done that!", I thought.  But no problems with the pacemaker.  

The amount of electro-magnetic interference being thrown off by the drill was a lot more that what you would ever receive by running a drone.  You shouldn't have any worries.  

Hope everything else goes well for you.  

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