I am scheduled to have a generator (pacemaker) changed on next Thursday I had my last pacemaker changed when I was 19... they at that time moved the pacer to my right shoulder side what have you. Anyway I know that it hurt like heck for the first couple years and I was just wondering if it is going to hurt again for the same amount of time I am aware that I will not be able to golf and lift for a month or so but I was wondering if it is going to hurt as much as last time....
K Daniels


re: recovering

by jenh - 2007-04-27 02:04:07


I had a generator change in January, and was surprised to learn that it can actually be a bit longer surgery and require as much or more recovery than the original, but that really depends on how difficult it is for them to get the old unit out. For me, the old pacemaker had really adhered to the surrounding tissue, so it was hard to remove. I had trouble with swelling and soreness at the site for about 2 months, but am feeling pretty much back to normal at this point. However, each person is different, and hopefully your surgery and recovery will be much smoother than mine!


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