I had my drivers license suspended for 3 months after having the current flu bug and for some unknown reason my pace maker had stopped.

I'm fine have all me witts about me and everything is now working... why the 3 months of no driving ??. The medical report says I had symptons of" cerbral ischemia "  I was fine in the hospital and great getting out. They have no expalanation  why my pace maker had stopped.  Comments please. Thanks




by wilfj - 2018-01-23 01:15:57

I live in Manitoba Canada.. I really don't believe I had a cerbral.... I had the resent flu bug which developed in chest condition and difficulty breathing. My pace maker had stopped, that really got the Doctors confused as there was no reason other then a malfunction.

I will have to get a second opinion, that will prove nothing I'm sure . In the medical report from the Doctor there is no mention that my pacemaker had STOPPED 2 days before I ended in the Hospital , I wonder why ??  My pacemaker is only 3 years old.....


by wilfj - 2018-01-23 01:47:35

 YES ! but I'm sure I lose before I start. What got me is why did the pacemaker stop, I'm sure the problem that followed was the result my heart loosing  it's pacing. 

The pacemaker reported the date and time it stopped operating... but no reason !  Quite a little wonder machine at that !

I'll say good night as it's getting close to midnight here . bye 


by islandgirl - 2018-01-24 12:26:59

Talk to you physician.  I would think he could write a letter regarding the diagnosis and outcome to the DL office.

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