Loose lead

I had my icd implanted feb 2017..things went as planned ..recovered well...

Jan 2018 I got shocked ..saved my life ..come to find out after test done I have the top lead loose in my heart ..went to my cardiologists was told I needed it fixed scheduled a date..got in operating table surgeoun decided before cutting me open to send me to another surgeon ..got to see this wire floating around in the bottom of my heart ..it should of been up top..

Surgery is set for the 6 th of feb..was told I am rare to have it in so long and then for it to come loose..

After getting shocked I am fearful of dying all the time ..

Scared of this surgery also..

Anyone have any idea of how to get over my fears ? ..



loose leads

by softball35 - 2018-02-25 21:24:33

You probably had the surgery and are doing great.  All that worrying for nothing.  I was scared to death when I had my implant then later ablation.  A lot of worrying for nothing.  My doctor told me that the leads are the weakest link in the whole process.  He said active people sometimes have to have their leads replaced. 
But stay active.  Walk,  keep your weight down.  My grandfather had a pacemaker and lived to be 93.  He also smoked a pack of Lucky Strikes a day.

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