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when I had my new battery replaced last March my doc told me it was the new “MRI FRIENDLY” model.  Has anyone had an MRI after receiving one. ?  What I don’t understand is since leads were not replaced is it still safe or would they fry my heart lol.  I’m not planning on having one anytime soon but my curious.  My EP says that the leads themselves are good to go....hmmmm.  Just wanted to hear your thoughts on the subject.




by zawodniak2 - 2018-02-11 23:37:57

I am in the same boat.  I had my original pace maker replaced with an MRI compatible one;  however the original  leads remain.  Fortunately, at 75 years of age I have not required an MRI "yet", but I have been blessed in dodging health issues requiring an MRI.  I know there are some specialized medical centers and electrophysiologists who even perform MRI's on patients with non-compatible pace makers--- NYU Langone medical center in New York City is one.    If you are interested in the doctor's names, you can send me a private message and I will give you the names.



by zawodniak2 - 2018-02-11 23:50:31


I see you are from Fort Meyers. I believe there are medical facilities on the east side of Florida where these  type of MRI's are performed.  TraceyE has had lots of input on this site regarding your question.



by islandgirl - 2018-02-15 16:21:49

In Miami, at several of the major hospitals, they won't do an MRI unless the leads and device are MRI compliant.  Loose leads also disallow chances of an MRI.  The id card describes the leads.  It's even  a hassle with an MRI compliant device---they don't like to do it!  They call Medtronic and my EP has to fill out paperwork (who implanted the device).  Good luck.

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