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I have my post-op check tomorrow and was wondering about home monitors. The Medtronic Tech told me to ask for a monitor that I'd use with my iPhone vs a wall (plug-in) monitor(?). The phone option would seem like the natural choice; wondering why they wouldn't all be that type? Preferences.....? Since most of my symptoms (besides slow HR) were at night and I wasn't all that aware of them--kind of don't want to get too into the nitty gritty of reports, etc.


No nitty-gritty for you

by Gotrhythm - 2018-02-19 14:29:27

People are funny. It makes me feel better to know everything there is to know, even if I don't understand it. But a friend of mine, who has dealt with cancer for over 10 years now, walks into the doctor's office saying, "Don't tell me any numbers!" She knows if numbers get in her mind, good or bad, she will obsess over them.

Here's the good news. Yes the home monitor will send reports which will eliminate the need for some office visits to interrogate your pacemaker. "Interrogate" is what they call checking your pacemaker to make sure it's working correctly, and also checking to see if the pacemaker is picking up any potential problems. But, you won't see or feel anything when the monitor does its thing, and unless you ask for it, you probably won't even be given a printout summary of what the monitor reported.

Most likely you'll never be told anything except, "Your pacemaker is working fine." 

As for the phone thing, it's all about whether you still have a landline or not.

Okay, some nitty gritty

by TT - 2018-02-19 15:23:03

I have a very curious nature, so yeah, I'll want some data and will want answers to alllll my questions. But, like your friend, I can see myself <perhaps> obsessing if I have data readily available right at my fingertips. Sounds like the reports are periodic, so yeah, probably not a problem. The Medtronic Tech had a funky report first time he ran it while I was in the hospital and wondered if a lead had slipped out O_O

The landline is still in place because it's part of a package--never used. Maybe I'll just say I don't have one. Would much rather use the iPhone...


Less Stuff

by Washingtonienne - 2018-02-19 17:12:35

Hi TT, I got my Medtronic in October and have had two remote interrogations since.  The iPhone app was easy to use with a little hand held hockey puck like device that I keep in a nightstand drawer.  Prior to the pacer, I had a loop recorder which used a receiver that I kept plugged in to the wall by my bed.  Both monitors you have been offered will likely send the same data so, choose the one that is best for your home decor.  I prefer not having a thing sitting out to remind me daily of my device.  The iPhone monitor also collects less dust.  :P 

just pick one

by ROBO Pop - 2018-02-19 17:18:36

Guessw it didn't occur to you that not everybody can use cellular service due to lack of signal so they have to use the old land line. just pick a method that works best for you, they could care less. You don't see the data unless the Dr office provides a copy to you.

The Monitor Issue....

by TT - 2018-02-20 11:40:27

Oh, thanks one and all for the comments. I feel fully prepared for my appt today. And Robin1, exactly my sentiments....if I can be saved a trip to the Dr. -- GREAT! And yeah, if have a concern--an interrogation report would be so valuable. But, bottom line I don't want to be glued to monitors, reports, etc. So much of this worry/concern will give way once I'm not a brand new user!

Also, did not think about cellular service issues--although I should have as even in San Diego my heart monitor had trouble connecting sometmes.

These comments are so valuable. I remember getting a lot of data reading comments even before I joined. Hopefully, I can one day be a benefit to some other newbie......I'll check in after my appt this afternoon if there's anything newsie to report!

Home Monitor for Medtronic

by islandgirl - 2018-02-21 16:55:40

Mine plugs into a wall socket and picks up cell signals, no matter where I am in the world---even on the Mekong River.  Doesn't cost extra----I'm sure I've paid for it when I got the initial device!  I am told I have to travel with mine.

One Week Follow-Up

by TT - 2018-02-22 13:34:13

A fairly uneventful follow-up. Took out stitches and put steri-strips over incision/device. It looks good and is healing well.The technician who ran the reports was not very forthcoming. Spoke more to the person she was training(?) I asked for more data and was told everything was good. Wanted more than that. I'll make an appt with my EP who will get the report. The tech almost acted as though I didn't have need-to-know which is BS. 

I was told my device is new and the app is not ready/out for it yet (three months?)? so I came home with the wall plug monitor which would be very cumbersome to travel with.

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