PM implant 2-1/2 weeks ago in Ecuador. Has follow up, was alarmed.

Ironically my handle, “SpiffyHeart was chosen as my o line name after having four cardiac ablatiions during my adult life.

yesterday, I had first follow up and reading of the recordings in my PM. 

(1) my Electrophysiology is ONLY doc to install pm’s without an 8 hr bus ride or plane ride to Quito in the Andes mountains.  Quito is also much higher altitude than my city of 8,500ft.

(2) He speaks Spanish, I speak beginner Spanish.  I have to take my own translator

(3) my pm is not FDA approved, but is used in Europe with good reviews.  It’s MRI compatible.  Dual chambers Right atria and installed on Rt chest

CONCERN:  While reviewing the recordings of 2+ weeks, I’ve has 3-5 events. Some Atrial Fibrulation (which I thought had been ablatd) and more alarming, V-tach at 350bpm!   I said, Muy Peligro!  (Very dangerous) Which he says Yes!

his solution was to give me ANOTHER plastic card to carry in my Spanish, so I don’t know what it says...yet.

does anyone know what’s going on??


I’m going back for second check up....4+ weeks now!

by SpiffyHeart - 2018-03-04 18:08:23

I’m concerned of course with having V-tach last time!  Also, since reading here....I realize for first time that there’s more to setting this pace maker, than just my pulse setting!

im taking a different translator this time. Hopefully one who understands more medical terms.   What should I be asking the EP about settings??  This is Pace Maker check ups 101!  I wasn’t prepared before, and I’m unprepared now!

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