High Blood Pressure with a Pacemaker

Hi All,

My Mum who is 63 years, just had a dual chamber PM , about 6 weeks back, and has never been too fit, she is low in energy and yesterday her Blood Pressure went to 195/95, wondering if anyone had any issues with a PM.

I have read a couple of posts , where people have had similar issues, but not sure of what was diagnosed.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you 




High b.b.

by Danomite - 2018-02-23 21:26:34

Today is my 8th day with my new pacemaker. Tonight I noticed my blood pressure hovering around 200 over a hundred. I thought before seeking help I try a half milligram of Xanax and sure enough about 40 minutes later my blood pressure went down to 150 / 80 so perhaps when your mom's pressure is high like that it could be anxiety. Also the same time my blood pressure spike my heart rate also increase for my preset 60 BPM up to 72 BPM

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