Has anyone ever experienced a change of skin color in their arm from the pacemaker. I have noticed quite often my left arm and hand are visibly darker in color than my right arm.


color change

by Latgre - 2007-04-04 04:04:29

my pm was placed in 2-5-07, I have change in my skin color and at the site it is senstive to color

change of skin color

by bambi - 2007-04-04 11:04:49

I just posted a message about my left arm swelling, the veins bulging, and I also have a bluish color to my arm. I personally feel like I have another blockage. I see my EP Dr. in a few weeks, but I doubt he will address this. He's rarely interested in anything but how the device itself is functioning. Maybe you could ask your Dr. and let us know what he/she says! Bambi

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