Recent appointment today. Question about % of pacer times

Good Evening fellow pacers!   I took a different translator friend with me today, and felt SO much better about understanding my new pm!

two weeks ago....which was two weeks post op, I was doing V-rach and Afib.

todays recordings showed NO events!  I was asked to cut out Caffiene, alcohol, and begin more exercise!   I did not tell him that I had taken a rythmol pill about three times, when I got nervous, and felt what I thought was palpitations. (Remember, this man is only EP in the Andes, within 8 hour drive!  I didn’t want to piss him off, especially since I didn’t have good experience in the past) question is....what does it mean that my Rt lower bi-ventricle lead is pacing all the time?  The Rt atria is pacing about 30% of the time?

my rate is set at 70 bpm rest and 130 for exercise.  Oh!  And that if my pm stops....I am NOT dependent on it!  My heart will continue to beat!


what does this mean?  The % of pm working times??


Yes thats what it means

by PacerRep - 2018-03-07 00:15:36

It means the top wire is working 30% of the time, which also controls the speed of your heart 30% of the time. 70% of the time your own atria is beating faster than the pacemaker is programmed to and it is just taking notes.

The V% means that the bottom wire is pacing your ventricle every beat. If you are not dependant and do not have heart block, then this is not an ideal setting. At your next check, ask them why it's pacing 100% and if you are a candidate to reprogram to allow for your own intrinsic may not be.

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