battery replacement

i am having next tuesday a new battery repkacing my St Jude i`ve had for approx 12years which one will they replace it with?I know  a new one but  dont know wich brand apparently they decide on the day,? my leads are all ok, will the new one be smaller with new technology etc?? hope so? also mine settings rate response is turned off 3d they call it, bcoz my own natural pacemaker is fine reason for my pacemaker is i have AVblock lower ventricle too slow receiving signal etc...anyhow they said its a quick procedure under local anesthetic,my main concern is that hope they replace it with St Jude again or one as good as it, hopefully even a bit smaller? thank you for any comments!



by Tracey_E - 2018-03-07 10:22:05

Talk to your doctor in advance to ask what kind you will get. They will know in advance because the rep from the company will be there. If you want to keep the same, say so. I'm on my 5th SJM. After #3 we discussed changing to Medtronic but I said I wanted to stay with what I had because I adore my SJM rep, he's gone above and beyond more times than I can count. There was one feature the Medtronic had that SJM did not, so I was given the choice.

The new one may or may not be smaller. Mine have been all about the same size. 

The biggest improvement you can expect with a new one is a home monitor. I hated the idea at first, didn't want to look at it, felt it was an intrusion. I've come around, now I think it's great. I only go in once a year now, the other checks are done remotely without me doing anything. If I have symptoms, I can hit a button and initiate a download, where before they'd call in the rep and I'd meet him at the office. And the rest of the time it lives wrapped in a towel under the bed where I can't see it. 

Replacements are super easy. They go in the same place so it's all scar tissue so soreness after is minimal. Most of the restrictions the first time were new leads, which isn't an issue this time. When I got my last one, I was home by noon, grabbed some lunch, took a nap, then spent a few hours answering work email. 

They typically stay with the same company

by PacerRep - 2018-03-09 00:50:21

Giving the reps their own gen changes is pretty normal. They do vary from time to time but I'd expect another SJM unless you specifically request a different brand.


by Gumption - 2018-03-22 17:00:39

You say... "but  dont know which brand apparently they decide on the day,? my leads are all ok, will the new one be smaller with new technology etc??" Ask them now. They know before that day since they call in product reps. The doc's office should answer your questions.

my new Boston Scientfic Accolade MRI pacemaker L311

by Georgeg - 2018-03-23 19:33:37

was incerted last week, pretty upset that the new device sticks out further than the previous St Jude that I had, my heart specialist tells me thats normal bcoz its the second time is that true? plus the reason for my pacemaker is that I have AV block apparently my lower ventricle is the problem it misses the fourth beat, and when it does it use to make me cough non stop! i know that bcoz when i use to go  for my check ups before this new one he use to put like a donought device on my pacemaker and said u`ll cough in a minute i will turn off the device and yes it did make me cough! and now with my new Boston Scientific L311 i havent stopped coughing went for a check up yesterday and there was also present a staff member from Boston Scientific to help assist my heart specialist with my new pacemaker myheart specialist  said all is good its the same settings as my previous st Jude, but when i take my pulse each now and then it seems to miss the fourth beat and makes me cough? my specialist dont agree i know i am not imagining it? i think he`s not familiar with Boston scientific and could this be the reason? so i am not happy for the new pacemaker sticking out further and my coughing non stop which i think its to do with missing my fourth beat each now and then! by the way my rate response is also turned off which i made sure of this one as my own natural pacemaker is working fine we discovered that 10 years ago when i first had the st jude pacemaker inserted, so now i am please asking for help about my new Boston Scientific L311pacemaker as i said not happy sticking out maybe will settle down only been a week? and most important is my constant coughing missing my fourth beat which my specialist wont agree, can anyone help? by the way is Electric Frank still around?? he helped me heaps in the past? thanks again     Georgeg,

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