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Hi there, I’m positive (due to random intense butterfly wings) that my Merlin has missed some of my arrhythmia activity. I’ve experienced it and has it reviewed by download at my EP’s office however nothing was found on download. This happened again today. What concerns me is that IST and AFib were found at my last EP visit last year and I’ve been remote monitoring for three years. These new arrhythmia were missed. It concerns me as I’ve had VT historically. Has anyone else experienced this? I hate to think I’m getting neurotic...I forget I have a pacemaker most of the time and I like it that way! 


Merlin is no magician...

by The real Patch - 2018-03-12 13:37:52

One of the mistakes most people make is assuming every anomoly of the heart is recorded and transmitted, so when they have an arrhythmia that isn't recorded they assume something is wrong with their device or Merlin.

Well in spite of the namesake, Merlin is no magician. It can only report what is recorded by your device. Where the disconnect comes in is the technician or doctor.

Your device has limited memory and can only record what they program it to watch for. They will ignore low level and benign issues that may occur, so while you felt something it was almost certainly insignificant and not recorded.

Point, if you felt something but nothing showed're good to go

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