New 3 lead pacemaker

i have 3rd degree heart block and totally dependent.  Now I have 2 leads top and bottom right side of my heart. My left side is working too hard and now have Cardiomyopathy. Infraction rate 35. So they are going put a 3rd lead to my left side hoping my heart will contract better.  Now they say it like agitates.  Anyone else had this done ? Thanks 



by The real Patch - 2018-03-15 12:45:55

What you are describing is a device called a CRT (cardiac resynchronization therapy) also referred to as Bi-ventricular device. A lot of people simply refer to them as 3 lead device. The two ventricles are out of sync and as a result the heart beats are not as strong and ejection is not as efficient. Commonly known as LBBB left bundle branch block. In theory it should improve your Ejection Fraction, but other factors play into the mix. 

Just had 3rd lead put in

by Janey L - 2018-03-15 13:59:14

Hi. I had a 3rd lead put in last week on my LV. At the moment I can feel the 3rd lead pacing when I walk upstairs. At other times I don't feel it.

EP/surgeon had problems finding a good position for it when he implanted it last week but eventually he found a good position on LV. They had trouble with the settings for it as I kept on getting diaphragm twitching as the lead is near a nerve. So the pacing dept (UK) had to try various settings to minimise that effect. Now I only get that twitching occasionally, depending on what position I am sitting in. I am hoping this will improve over the weeks as I am only 1 week post op.

I have had my PM removed and replaced with CRT-D.

Hope all goes well.

Best wishes




You should be OK

by seenu302 - 2018-03-15 23:30:36

My mom went through the same process. Dual lead was replaced by Bi-V PM as her EF went below 40%. Its been 3 months and her EF is between 60-65%.As long as the doc gets a good position it should go well. Good Luck. 

I too have

by seashoregirl - 2018-03-18 15:59:28

I too have a third lead. Ditto on the twitching. At first it was maddening but after several adjustments it is now minimual. Soooo many things they don't tell you when you sign up for this trip!

New crt-d

by Volunteerdr - 2018-03-31 09:22:46

I am a new crt-d participant.  My surgery was March 27.  I had great results but also have a left lead problem with the twitching.  Great info to know.

I also have lbbb with 30 ejection fraction.

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