Still fatigued and breathless

Got my PM last Wednesday, so eight days. Still fatigued and breathless. Heart rate is perfect 60 blood pressure is up. Should I wait for follow up or call doctor right now?


Same issues

by Jojo75 - 2018-03-15 22:05:53

Hi Suzie

I too had my pacemaker implanted 7th March and have the same issues you are having! I’ve been back to doctor and then to hosptial to see the cardiologist and pacemaker who changed my bpm from 60-65bpm as they are trying to alleviate the dizziness & lightheadedness however I now feel really shaky and extremely breathless! I had another echocardiogram and X-ray and they all seem normal! I didn’t even know I had a heart problem until 3 weeks ago I went to A&E with gall bladders pain it was then picked up I had extreme bradycardia with a heart rate as low as 21bpm! 

I now have another appointment with the cardiologist on Tuesday as they won’t leave me any length of time now due to the current issues and if I’m still the same on tuesday there is a possibility of a brain scan to see if there are now further issues.

I wouldn’t leave it, I suggest you call your doctor and advise your symptoms so that you can get this sorted!


fingers crossed for u x

Fatigued and breathless

by SuzieS - 2018-03-15 22:28:11

Hi, JoJo, I am going to call doc in am. Best of everything to you. Let us hope being battery operated works for both of us.

Thanks for responding. I have been a little depressed, really had high hopes this would work!


by Beaks - 2018-03-17 07:17:46

I had similar experience after my surgery 4 weeks ago. Felt like a couldn't get proper breaths and was a bit puffed after doing anything, chest felt heavy too, bit dizzy and so on. I had all the tests under the sun done and Drs couldnt find anything wrong. I just put it down to healing and anxiety from the operation. Lasted 2-3 weeks and disappeared. I had 3 lead pacemaker so they were fingering around in me for 3-4 hrs. Your body has gone through trauma. Give it time with decent rest, sleep and good food.

Give it time

by Gotrhythm - 2018-03-17 13:36:21

For goodness sake, give yourself a break!

Pacemakers are very , very good at simulating the natural heart beat, but they are not perfect. Your heart is going to have to go through a period of adjustment as it accomadates a new way of beating. And as you may have noticed in other instances, when we are trying to adjust, everything is a little bit harder, a bit more tiring. 

A week isn't long at all. A month would be a much more reasonable time. But for some it's even longer.

Also, right now your pacemaker is probably still on the out of the box, one size fits all settings. Adjustments to your settings may be neccessary for you to feel the very best you can. At your first interrogation, which should be at about 2 weeks post implantation, tell them how you are feeling.

In the meantime, good diet, gentle exercise, and adequate rest are the key to recovery. You'll get there.

I’m having similar issues

by Queen50 - 2018-04-02 22:15:56

I received my pace maker March 5 2018 after having a cardiac ablation on March 1. I too feel dizzy after I climb a flight of stairs and I’m breathing really hard. I’ve been adjusted twice. It is getting better. I get chest pains every evening and was told to take Advil.  I have read here on these posts that 6 weeks seems to be the turn around time. So it is slow but steady. So considering I’ve had two heart operations this past month I’m going to give myself time to heal. I’m happy reading what the others who have gone before have to say. I’m used to it alking 3 -5 km a day. I’m able to walk around the block now so again, small steps but I’m proud of myself. We’ll get thru it!!

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