Lead extraction

i am due to go into hospital to have my pacemaker taken out and the leads extracted.  I won’t go into the reasons now. Too complicated.  I am however, going to have a new pacemaker put in and new leads both atrial and ventricle.  Has anyone out there had this done?  I am aware that it can only be done by a doctor who has done this procedure before.  I am extremely anxious about this.  I am having a general anaesthetic.


comments and reassurance please.  No scary stories- I’m scared enough!


Two weeks ago

by Janey L - 2018-03-21 13:21:33

Hi. I had my pacemaker and right ventricular lead removed 2 weeks ago and a CRT-D put in. I was terrified of having my lead removed. Surgeon did say he hoped to leave atrial lead in place as long as it wasn't damaged in procedure. Thankfully that lead was ok so it was left in.

I had a general anaesthetic. Surgeon warned me about all the risks but it actually went really well. I was so relieved to wake up in recovery to be told all was ok. My lead came out ok with the special tools they use to remove leads. Mine had been in place for 7 years.

I am in the UK.

I was terrified, as I say, but outcome was excellent.

Best wishes


lead extraction

by suep - 2018-03-21 14:27:23

Thanks Janey.  My ventricle and original atrial lead has been in 16 years. My atrial lead was faulty so i had another one put in.  This has subsequently failed and now they are considering taking the lot out including th ventricl lead and box and replacing the lot.


now you will understand why I am sooo twitchy about  having it all done.

Lead extraction

by The real Patch - 2018-03-21 16:10:03

I strongly believe the risks of lead extraction are overblown and based on antiquated information and playing to people's fears. I have never heard of any catastrophic problems occuring with this procedure. Sure, look hard enough and you are bound to find some issues but in the overall scheme the numbers are insignificant. Remember most people who hang out here have had issues, but the total members versus implants...well you get the idea.

I had all three leads extracted after 10 years, the EP and St Judes tech said they popped right out, no problem. In fact they had a much harder time inserting the new left ventricular lead.

As for getting someone with experience, that goes without saying. I went to a novice for my vasectomy and now sing soprano. But, remember the best isn't always...

Good luck you'll do fine

Lead ectraction

by Loyda - 2018-06-13 09:28:10

What were your symtoms? My mom has a loose lead and she is feeling weak, dizzy and disoriented.

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