Feeling shock like sensations

I recently was interrogated at MD appt. Since that appt I have been getting shock like sensations to upper right area of my chest and to my left side (high up beneath my rib cage). I called MD office and they state it is nothing they did.  I know something is different. Any suggestions of what it could be?


which device do you have?

by PacerRep - 2018-03-25 19:51:19

The chest is probably just damaged nerves, that left sided stimulation sounds like the phrenic nerve. If you have the Bi-V/CRT/ 3-wire device, i'll be tthe farm on it. It would need reprogrammed.

Stabbing pain

by Kim Giorno - 2018-12-10 04:21:21

i have Medtronic mri safe pacer. 2 leads. 

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