Lead Extraction/New Pacemaker

Had a dual chamber PM with venticle lead in coronary sinus vein next to left ventricle for complete heart block. Didn't go in right ventricle as I had tricuspid valve repair in 2014 and didn't want to risk lead screwing up the repaired valve which is doing fine at this point. 

Last few months my PVC's have increased significantly and found out last week the PM lead wasn't capturing.  This was also causing a drop in left ventricle ejection fraction. They cut up the PM to max. voltage which temp. solved the issued but the battery will probably drain in a year or less. EP says I need to go ahead and change out pacemaker and he will extract and place another lead to resolve this issue (the rt. atrium lead is find).

Anybody had a lead extracted from the coronary sinus vein?? PM was installed in 4/2015 so it's right at 3 years old. I also had a sub-muscular implant of PM so you can't even tell it's there


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