Visit to pacemaker clinic

Two months since pacemaker fitted, I felt more breathless than normal when walking up hills when playing golf I told the clinic nurse about this.

I was amazed when she told me there was a crystal within the pacemaker that could be activated by her.

The crystal would come into play when my body was exerted and would help with the breathing. I had to swing my arm as it only kicked with active movement meaning it would not activete when say cycling.

I never heard of this or seen this in any corrispondance.

I this in comman knowledge ?


Response rate makes a big difference

by Gotrhythm - 2018-04-13 11:20:08

Yes, though some work differently from others, pacemakers do have a response rate function, that speeds up the heart rate in response to exertion. Yours, for some reason, had not been turned on.

You are the perfect example of why I so frequently suggest checking the pacemaker settings when people say they are having trouble. Your pacemaker was "working fine." But its settings weren't right for you.

When the problem is recognized, the fix is as simple as a few clicks on a computer.



Piezoelectric Crystal

by IAN MC - 2018-04-13 12:40:46

Hi Big Aitch  Your nurse was referring to something called a  ' Piezoelectric crystal " which is inside your pacemaker . When it is subjected to vibration it generates an electrical current sufficient to trigger off extra heart-beats.

You create enough vibration when you are exercising and moving your upper body.

These crystals are used in quartz watches and things like spark lighters for BBQ'S  ( when a small hammer hits the crystal and causes enough vibration to generate an electrical spark )

You will sometimes see it referred to as an "accelerometer" when it is incorporated into a sensor used in pacemakers

I hope that having it switched on will make life easier for you when you are walking up those hills on the golf course.







Thanks Gotrhythm and Ian MC

by Big aitch - 2018-04-13 19:18:19

Thanks for the information, my golf course has very steep hills it’s in Aberfoyle 50 miles north of Glasgow in Scotland.

If the weather allows I will try and play some holes tomorrow and I will see if the crystal being switched on makes any difference to my breathing.

I will keep you posted.

thanks again

Did you play well ?

by IAN MC - 2018-04-14 12:52:14

I also played today ... 18 holes with my son on a VERY hilly course  here in the South of England ( glorious sunny weather here  !!! ).

My Medtronic pacemaker , complete with the crystal-based accelerometer sensor, gave me the required stamina to handle the hills . If only it could help with my putting , but that is another story!

If you were struggling .it is possible that you may need further fine adjustments to the Rate Response settings

Best of luck


P.S.    Does " Aitch " stand for   "hole-in-one "  ?



Pacemaker great, golf awful

by Big aitch - 2018-04-14 16:24:40

Definitely an improvement, a lot less breathlessness but only done 10 holes, Other people on the course must have thought I was deranged I was swinging my left arm about to activate the crystal.

Does it take much to activate the crystal do you think ?

After reading comments I now can’t understand way my clinic never activated my crystal before, I told them I played golf and walked a mile each way to my job when they first set it. At least it’s better now but I did suffer for the first two months.

Aitch unfortunately is nothing to do with hole in one ( I wish )

My name Harry and I’m 6ft 5 tall hence the nickname Big Aitch

keep practicing putting    I feel your pain



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