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Thanks for the responses that were given me on the use of tools and other machines. I called Guidant, now Boston Scientific and spoke to a tech who is forwarding some recent reports done by independents and their findings regarding the use of this equipment. Seems I might want to check things out if I'm around more of a mill type of shop with larger and more multiple tools running which is an environment I do sometimes find myself in. That may cause an interference. The other thing about the vibration registering as tachy beats is not the vibration of the machine but the electrical fluctuation vibration that could interfere. In terms of actual vibration, it is about the vibration and/or tugging of arms, just as in overstretching that could be a potential for damaging the leads or pulling them out. In other words NO JACKHAMMERS! :-) I don't think I'd try welding though. Once I have the reports and feel right about it I do expect to get back "on the horse" even if I have to take one little step at a time. Thanks again for the encouragement to seek better answers than I received last year. It may just pay off! ~Adam


Happy horse crap from Boston Sci

by roadbiker - 2009-12-03 09:12:08

Hi, I am a mold and die maker, have been for 30 years. I got a Boston sci pacemaker last month for sick sinus syndrom. EVERYBODY paniced when I wanted to go back to work. My job wanted the doctor to take liability and say I could work, he wanted the job to get a survey of the shop and send it to Boston sci to be assessed. The job said too much money too much time, and I might not be able to work if the shop didnt pass. I junked the doctor and went to Americo Simonini who is a bigtime cardiologist at Cedars Sinai Beverly Hills. He introduced me to a doctor named Olga something (very Russian) that does alot of the pacemaker placements at Cedars. I told them what was going on. Olga quoted gauss formula and equations off the top of her head and knew about machinery and Both she and Dr. Simonini REALLY knew all about pacemakers and what they can and cant do. They set me up with a cardio-net monitor for two weeks and, because I am not totally pacemaker dependent, they told me to go play with the machinery. Even the plastic injection molding machines. If I feel weird step back away from the machine. Gause field (EMI) drops of at the square of the distance. It doesnt take much distance for the field to loose almost all its effect (measured in inches. I picked up an EMI/gauss meter and I have found the 6-9 inches gives me less interference than 6" away from a stereo speaker gives me. My carido-net will record my heart patterns and the Boston Sci 60 pacemaker will go back to normal as soon as I am out of the EMI field. The pacemaker wont fail. I also had the permenant magnet sensitivity turned OFF, to help out being around magnetic chucks and such. So far I've been working back in the shop for 2 weeks with no ill effects. THE Shop manager did ask what will happen if the pacemaker is effected. I told him that normally the person pees their pants and slumps into memory loss and cant remember who they are for about a half an hour. But the pacemaker WILL kick back in, and you experience an overwhelming feeling of euphoria that results in inappropriate sexual arousal.
I THINK he bought it!
REMEMBER! Everyone is pretty much ignorant and ABSOLUTELY terrified of being held liable and sued to death. Therefore EVERYONE will tend to err far to the side of safety if you can get them to make a decision or commitment at all. When in doubt go to the very top and the very best and most knowlegable and create a plan that will let you find out the truth about what you can and cannot do. Then go find out and don't live in FEAR. Todays pacemakers are tougher and better insulated that you might imagine. Use discretion... even a stereo speaker can cause a problem if held right over your pacemaker. But inches away it looses its punch.
VIBRATIONS are bad because they shake your leads loose. No jackhammers, impact wrenches, no horseback riding, stay off your motorcycle, etc,etc. Give it a good 8 to 10 weeks to scar over and begin SLOWLY... dont do sudden jerking with your arms outstretched and begin lifting carefully and build up very slowly. The doctor should be able to outline how to regain your movement and stregnth. I am aiming at getting back up on my Arab mare in a month and back on my Harley too. But Slowly and build up to it.
NO FEAR, NO FEAR, NO FEAR, Knowledge overcomes FEAR. Go FIND OUT what you need to know. Roch

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