How many replacements can I have?

Hello All, 

I have been a pacemaker dependent patient for the last 20+ years. I have had several battery replacements in the original location. During this last replacement I got infected and spent 24 days in the hospital. Now I have the pacemaker on the opposite side of my heart with a defibrillator. Could possibly be coming up for my next battery changed within the next few years. This was done on November 2012. 

Recently was asked to get an echocardiogram done but came back fine but they asked to do more tests. They have not reached out to schedule another test that they need. Is this a good or bad thing?

Last question, since this is a new location can I expect to see a battery replacement without an infection happening again? How many battery replacements could you see being needed? 

Age is 58 




by Tracey_E - 2018-04-29 18:26:38

I got #5 in 2016 and it still shows 10+ years left. Previously I've never had one last more than 7 but they said this is a different type of battery and will last longer. Their lips to gods ears lol. ICD's don't last as long as regular pacers so you could go through quite a few of them. Have they told you what's left on this one? There are some members here who got them in the 70's or even earlier and have had 10 or more replacements. There isn't really a limit, it's whatever we need. 

We should have an echo every couple of years, more if there are problems to watch so you might want to follow up. I wouldn't read anything into them not calling, follow up gets forgotten all the time in a busy office. 


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