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I walked into a store that I frequent the other day and set off alarms as I walked in and again on the way out. Now the store has had this type of security for some time and it hasn't been an issue before. So... I walked in again, alarms - and out again and... alarms! Out of curiosity, I spoke to one of the store managers and he told me that they had installed new security pylons and would check with the security company that did the install to make sure that the settings were not harmful as a precaution for their customers. I called the manufacturer of the device who told me that they are getting many, many more calls these days with the same complaint. More store security is being set off recently by these units than was before. I wasn't as concerned about it harming me as I was indignant about setting off the alarm as if I'd lifted something off the shelf. Pride aside, thought you might be interested in the fact that folks like us and others with prosthetics are increasingly setting off the devices. Be well! ~Adam



by ela-girl - 2007-04-12 02:04:01

For whatever reason, I ALWAYS set off the alarms at the store Linen-n-Things! And once I was at a PetCo or PetSmart and was too close to the security beams at the entrance/exit of the store and had to move away because I started feeling VERY funny. Once I walked out and away from the beams, I felt almost immediately better. The last experience I had where I felt terrible was in a Circuit City--too many electronics.

Ahh the life of a pacer!
Happy shock-free pacing!

Me too!

by lenora - 2007-04-12 03:04:03

The alarm system at CVS is evil! I was headed out the door one day and something started going Bong, Bong, Bong very loud and an electronic voice said Please return to the register, you have items which are unscanned. I thought, it's surely not talking to me, so I reached for the door and it happened again. Being the good citizen that I am I backed up out of the thing to go back to the register and almost landed in the floor. It felt like my heart hit my feet! Told the manager that the pacemaker might have set the thing off and next time I would continue out the door and they can tackle me out on the sidewalk if they think I've shoplifted something!

security devices can be dangerous

by maestro - 2007-04-12 07:04:36

I read an article in the paper which said those security devices create an electric magnetic field which is harmful to the PMs and interferes with PM operation.

It is important NOT to stand in between the security pillars. Get through quickly.

I think they should have a bypass for PM users because the security devices are known to be detrimental to us.

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