Chat April 15th(or now)

Hey folks~
It is currently Sunday, April 15th, 2:16pm EST (New York time). I will be on line for the next 1.5 hours. I will go back and forth to try to catch someone in the chat room. Surferman - you're objective is the same? Let's give it a go! Anyone, guest or members can join us - just go to chat and press send message to indicate you are there. Nobody bites! :-)
I for one have been trying to get one on one conversation going. Messages are a great way to transfer information, however, I have not spoken to one person with our uniqueness ever and I'm looking forward to doing so.
Although the chat room has posted hours, those are suggestions and the room can be utilized at any time. Come on and join the party.
Sending to post at 2:21pm EST . See ya!


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