Battery life span

He everyone. I was just wondering since I am 100% paced ( Medtronic biventricular pacemaker,crt) about how long can I expect the battery to last. Implant saute was Aprin25th 2018. I know it all depends on a lot of things but can anyone here who is 100 paced( biventricle) tell me how long their battery works before needing replacement. Just trying to get some input as my EP says up to 7 years but I find this hard to believe since I am 100% paced. Thank you.


100% paced too

by LondonAndy - 2018-05-04 18:40:32

I've only had my Medtronic Ensura 3.5 years, but at the annual checkup last October they said I had about 7 years left, which would make total life about 10 years.  But the battery life is only ever an estimate, so might be more, might be less, and as there is nothing that I can do about it this is not something I worry about.  When it needs doing it will be done, and I wonder what the battery life of the next generation of pacemakers will be then?  Indeed if it will be able to be recharged over night like mobile phones and electric toothbrushes can be now, or if the micro pacemakers will be all that is needed.  

Also 100 per cent

by Reboot1212 - 2018-05-04 20:33:35

I've had my St. Jude CRT pacer since December 2012. Most recent check-up they said at least another 6 years plus. Been doing great. Best of luck!

what kills a battery

by Tracey_E - 2018-05-05 17:29:20

Any time they give you an estimate, that's based on the current settings and usage so if he said 7 years that's based on how you are using it now. How much we pace is only a small part of how long a battery will last. How we use it is more important- if we use rate response, our safety margins, how much juice it takes to get the heart to beat, the condition of the leads. 

Replacements are super easy. They go in the same place so it's mostly scar tissue, and leads will last through several generators. Most of the pain the first time was from creating the pocket, most of the restrictions were new leads. Piece of cake. I'm on my 5th. 

They told me eight years, then six...

by AgentX86 - 2018-05-13 22:01:34

...I think I'll stop asking. ;-)

I have a similar PM to the model you have (mine is a W4TR01), also pacing both ventricles.   A lot has to do with the way it's set up.  They have to set the voltage on the leads so it reliably paces.  If the leads aren't just right, it'll take more energy.  There are a ton of variables like that.  When you go in to have the PM checked, the technician will estimate battery life, based on current usage.  It's just a guess, though.

TracyE:  Thanks for that information.  I thought the original procedure was a piece of cake (February), though I can still feel it (my CABG incision still causes me problems over three years after).

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