Blood Pressure!

Lately I have been feeling weak. I was really hoping that getting the pacemaker placed in would makes things get better but it doesn't seem that things work that way it sure does take a process. I called in last week b/c my left hand was completely numb and I had so much chest discomfort and was also dizzy. They got me in and said my b/p was low and I was dehydrated. They said that the hand was going numb because of my voltage being high and that they wouldn't lower in until 6 weeks. It is set at 5 and the lowest they will be able to take it is a little under 4. They also told me that for everyday I feel good give yourself two days to rest. Well so far that has been kinda true.
I called again today because my b/p is low for me sitting at 103/60 and I still keep getting dizzy and i'm drinking plenty of water. They can't get me in until next week so I have to sit for another week with every other day being dizzy and light headed. So I guess my question is did people get this feeling ever and what can I do to help myself regain some more energy? Thanks! Enjoy your week.



have numbness

by slowhands - 2007-04-03 03:04:28

I checked with my doctor because I now have two numb fingers on my on my left hand. But he thought it was a nerve being pinched. I've never heard of numbness due to high voltage. Just wondering what city you live in and who your doctor is.

Hi Tammy

by randrews - 2007-04-03 10:04:47

Since getting my pm I have usually had a faint achiness in my left arm. I'm not sure what it is. I also feel tired at times and during the day I have bouts of lightheadedness, they aren't severe but I just don't feel all the way there yet. It gets wearisome dosn't it? I go to the doctor in a couple weeks. I hope you get to feeling better. It just takes time I guess.
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