Medtronic sensors

Medtronic Axure XT DR implanted 2 weeks ago.  I note a lot of discussion about Medtronic and the accelerator sensor.  Does this model also sense respiratory rate or anything else?  I note that my PM increases HR more going downhill (faster walking) than uphill.

Scheduled Doctor visit is next week.


I don't think so

by Theknotguy - 2018-07-26 17:31:21

Doesn't sense respiratory rate  - at least mine doesn't.  Just activity.  

I don't think they're any more sensitive than any other.  It's just that I picked up one of those reciprocating saws (saws-all) and bore down using my left arm.  Vibration went up my arm and kicked off the higher heart rate,  One of the other guys in the shop came over and asked me if I was OK.  "You had the strangest look on your face!", he said.  

Since my other option is not to have any heartbeat I can live with it.  Otherwise I get along fine.

Hope everything goes well for you. 


by Moment - 2018-07-26 18:45:59

And, good to be aware of unintended PM drivers.

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