100% dependant and PM cuts out

Hi, Ive had a pacemaker for three years- a result of third degree heart block after a complication from/during an ablation. Basically the bad pathway they were zapping was longer than they thought and when they zapped they knocked out the bottom of my healthy heart. So now im 100% dependant on the pacemeker. The top beats and the PM beats the bottom. Im 47 and was a runner prior to this. After a week in ICU at 20bpm they implanted the top of the line medtronic pm. After that I had persistant periacardits for one year so I was unable to exercise and my cardio went to basically zero. Now I have tried several times, and the pacemaker clinic try to adjust the pacemaker but they seem stuck; what happens is I try to work out and when my HR reaches somewhere be 160-170bpm my Pm thinks my heart is pacing so it stops and my HR goes to 60-80ish and makes me almost pass out because the bottom of my heart isnt pacing.  Has anyone experienced this and were you successful in having the PM adjusted to a limit that it never cuts out??

Thanks in adanvce




by Tracey_E - 2018-07-27 13:01:46

Have they put you on a treadmill at the same time as the pacer computer? That helped a lot trying to get my settings fine tuned. Keep on them if it's not right. It can take a few tries to get it all worked out so don't give up.

I'm not sure if mine is the same situation or not, but there is a feature I believe is called rate drop response (not to be confused with rate response) where it kicks in with extra pacing if the rate suddenly drops too much. I'm paced primarily for heart block but sometimes my sinus rate will tank when I'm working out. My rate can go down slowly, but if the goes down too quickly it will pace atrail to keep it steady. 


by J_C - 2018-07-27 13:09:03

Never thought of the treadmill and in the past three years it hasnt been offered but I will  ask. Its frustrating at this point not being able to even do the simplest things like running from the rain or hiking at an incline that raises the HR  is an issue, so you've given me hope!

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