Irregular BMP

My Medtronic device was replaced sept17 from dual to a single chamber. Since May I have been experiencing up to 170 BPM to a low of 35. My pacemaker is set to 60 as resting. These irregularities seem to happen mostly early morning around 4:00 a.m. until perhaps 10:00. the rest of the day is relatively normal.

With the dual chamber things ran smoothly but a resulting infection necessitated the total removal and replacement.

My meds are Bisoprolol 5mg and this week started taking Eliquis 5mg as I have had a few AFib scenes which has my GP on the jumping side. I’ve been on the waiting list since May for my Internist the appointment is scheduled for August 11.

Now here is the weirder part. I believe I have extra electrical currents cursing through my 80 year old body as I’ve never been able to wear an expensive watch as they kick out after a day or two. My electrics was the explanation. I now have an Iwatch which works perfectly and is 98% accurate in recording BPM etc, BUT do you think it possible the watch could be creating these irregularities? Medronics says not, stating it is the charger that is an issue, not the watch.  

Any thoughts or suggestions would be hugely appreciated!!

I am based in British Columbia Canada


Irregular HR

by AgentX86 - 2018-07-28 22:30:33

The wild HR gyrations are classical Afib symptoms.  My bet is that your Afib is getting worse, which is quite the norm for Afib.  It never gets better.  A paemaker isn't going to help it from going high (as others here have said, pacemakers are an accelerator, never a brake).  You'll likely need rate control (usually a beta blocker) to keep it from going too high.  Unfortunately, that does nothing for irregular heart beats. I have no idea why your heart rate is going so low - that needs to be tracked down ASAP.  Your pacemaker is supposed to be handling that end of things (as it will the lower HR due to the beta blockers).

No, it's not your watch.


by Tracey_E - 2018-07-29 08:19:22

When are you taking the meds? Is it possible the bisoprolol has worn off in the morning? 

Apple watch shouldn't have any effect on the pacer. Do you know how many members here have them? A lot! Even if it is the watch,  that's not how it would manifest, you wouldn't race,your rate would be stuck at the minimum. And if any electronics were the cause, it would show up in the interrogation report. 

Afib will show up in the interrogation report also. 

Ask them if your pacer is set to do a self check at 4am. They program it to happen when we are asleep but some people feel it anyway. It makes the rate go up and down, but only for a few seconds.

Do you feel the rate so high or are you getting it from the watch? Always count manually if what the watch tells you doesn't match up with what you feel. 

Thanks TraceyE and AgentX86

by mwendyneilson - 2018-07-29 11:32:30

Much appreciate your time and thoughts.

As suggested, I will head to the hospital tomorrow and have the clinic do another reading to see exactly what has been happening and perhaps why. As far as meds go I think they need some serious adjustments and although we have 'free' health care in Canada (relatively speaking) one waits forever for appointments with specialists. In the meantime, splitting my dose of Beta Blocker between morning and night is a good plan as well.

Relieved to hear that my Iwatch is not the culprate as I do like my email and phone features as well as instant card payments!! 

An Update to irreg BPM

by mwendyneilson - 2018-08-03 20:01:27

What a roller coaster week this has been!

To make a long story short I've spent hours in Emerg, had meds changed to Metoprolol last Monday but no improvement, if anything longer bouts of AFib, meds increased today and had an Echogram today while i was in AFib. 

Ablation has been mentioned but from what I am reading that is only if you are totally in AFib while I seem to be Paroxysmal fibrillation.

Oh all you wise ones on this site, do I just have to learn to suck it up so to s peak and live with this disability? or is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Again thanks for your thoughts.

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