It has been a while for me to get on and update. I scheduled an apt. early the other day because the pain has been so intense for me with this surgery than any of the others. They gave me something for the pain which hasn't really helped me much. They did a pm check to see if that was part of my problem and the only difference is i'm 100% dependent on it. They turned off my bottom lead during this last surgery they said that was because I was only using in 2% of the time and I was having so many PVCs. I keep feeling towards the bottom part of my chest a lot of palpitations. The doctor said you may still be having some PVCs. He told me I would get use to that feeling over time. Though that even hurts some so I don't understand how I will get use to that.
The spasms have been the killer it is all the way down into my left hand and upper back near my shoulder he said that this is very common after surgeries and this being my third one I had to ask why this didn't happen with any of the others. I loose feeling in my hand also.
My energy levels have been low. One day I will have a lot of energy and the next day I won't have any. At points lately it is hard to continue to stay positive but what a blessing it is to know that God has me in his hands.
I have not been very good at commenting on things lately but know that I keep up on reading everything as often as I can. I pray for you all often. Please take care of yourself and drink lots of water during this hot season.
Blessings to y'all!


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