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I am 30 y/o and expecting my first child in November. At one of my recent PM checks, I was told that my leads are wearing out (15 y/o). I am hoping to get through my delivery without needing a lead replacement, but know that I will have a decision to make soon thereafter. I can either abandon my original leads and get a new system implanted or I can get a lead extraction and then get a new system implanted. 

My EP already told me that I will need to go out of state if I chose to go with lead extraction. I live in NJ, but am willing to travel wherever for the best surgoen. Any reccomendations? 

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Lead Extraction

by doublehorn48 - 2018-08-15 11:41:30

Dr, Bruce Wilkoff atThe Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland is the best for lead extraction.  He has done thousands, mine included.

New Jersey!

by donr - 2018-08-19 10:18:18

You can get to NEW York & Pennsylvania in less than a 30 min car ride from anywhere in the state.  You want someone who does at least 100 per year.   More if you can find them.  Google NY & PA to see wht you  get.  At your age, you would probably want them removed to make room for the probable number of leads you will need over your lifetime,  If you cannot find one in those two cities, ClevelND IS  short flight away.


Had extraction

by Finn - 2018-08-19 11:39:51

i had a lead extraction August 2017, similar situation, noise in the leads , only 9 yrs old, tendril leads/ st Jude .

i go out of state, dr Vijay Swarup, Arizona heart Hosputal , Phoenix . Check him out, world  renound .

i am a 57 yr old male living in Ca., felt better to get leads out, longer they are in, tougher to extract. My dr uses a sheath laser to extract , won’t lie it was a more difficult recovery than havin my pacemaker put in 10 yrs ago.

im open to discuss further, 480 249 2552.


Perhaps this can help

by ZCAT - 2018-09-01 09:34:03

Hello, recently, July 31, had my pacemaker implanted,  Don't know where in NJ you are located, but I used this group.  Pleased with Dr. Mittal and results.  Also affiliated with Cleavland Clinic. Congrats and best of luck with baby, and PM.



by mallen1211 - 2018-09-06 13:22:12

Dr. Shaller at University of Pennsylvania is the only Dr in the entire EP group that does extractions. Evidence shows that the outcomes are directly related to how much experience one has with them. My mom had an upgrade with possible extraction -- she didn't need the extraction after all, he was able to get the third lead in without extraction. Good luck!

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